There are many reasons why one should study in a member-college of CAPTEI. Firstly, the qualifications of the accredited programs of colleges enjoy, by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications, equal recognition with the qualifications of universities in Cyprus. Moreover, in a college the student has the opportunity to study in academic programs but also in vocational programs. Vocational programs, offered mainly by colleges, are characterized as modern programs adapted to the rapid changes in the employment, economy and professions.

By studying in a vocational program, high school graduates can in a relatively short period of time (1, 2 or 3 years) acquire vocational skills so that they become ready for employment and participation in the labor market. Vocational programs provide scientific, technical and professional knowledge and skills to their students so that after graduating from a college they are ready to start work. These programs also serve the needs of employees who want to obtain additional vocational education and training in specific areas so that they can meet the current needs of their professions.

Colleges place special emphasis on each student being treated individually, according to his personal needs and particularities. In colleges, students have the opportunity to be taught in modern and well-equipped facilities by qualified professors with many years of teaching experience, internationally recognized research work and a doctorate. The academic staff of the colleges follows modern educational methods that enhance the communication with the students by creating friendly relationships and sincere cooperation.

Students in a college have the opportunity to live a student life full of activities, artistic and cultural events, entertainment and sports activities. Colleges awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education provide the opportunity to their students to study abroad at one of their partner educational institutions (without additional tuition fees through the Erasmus+ program) and / or to be professionally trained abroad with funding from the European Commission. In addition, the colleges offer well-organized, fast and reliable services for the support, guidance and empowerment of their students.

Finally, the member-colleges of CAPTEI offer all of the above with the important advantage that their tuition fees are more affordable compared to those of private universities. In addition, colleges, within the framework of their social responsibility, offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs to their students.